NOVE was founded by myself Kirsty Saxon, an interior stylist and designer. The company was born from my many years of styling trips to Portugal, and subsequently falling in love with the natural beauty of cork, how it is created and then crafted by many skilled hands. This, combined with my passion for beautifully designed lighting, provided the concept that is NOVE.

NOVE is dedicated to the design and development of lighting using natural materials that are both beautiful and sustainable, whilst collaborating with like-minded creatives and artisans, bringing collections to life. We aim to bring unique, timeless and hand-crafted lights, with a strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship. NOVE wants to celebrate these people, their craft and their stories.

What does NOVE mean? As cork was the start of this journey it felt appropriate to decide upon the name NOVE as it translates from the Portuguese language as the number nine. The harvest of cork trees can only be carried out every nine years, this is after its first harvest when the tree is 25 years old. Each cork oak tree commonly lives more than 200 years, so a tree can only be harvested about eighteen times in its lifetime!

I am very passionate about NOVE and the lighting that is meticulously designed and created and look forward to sharing them with you.