The Seamless Bracket - Solid Brass

The Seamless Bracket - Solid Brass


Designed especially for use with our cork wall lights, the NOVE Seamless Bracket in solid brass is a real feat of engineering. Created with precision and a great deal of consideration, this bracket has no visible fixtures or fittings to ensure a crisp, clean finish that serves only to enhance the design of our wall lights.

Made from luxurious solid brass, the double pronged arm of the bracket holds the flex of the wall light securely in place, while allowing enough room for easy and effortless installation and adjustments. Our brass bracket works beautifully alongside our solid brass-trimmed cork wall lights to create a coordinated aesthetic for any contemporary space.

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  • Length: 14.5cm

  • Width:1.5cm

Care guide

  • Clean with a soft dry cloth only

  • Do not use polishing agents, water or abrasive materials when cleaning

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